Animal Reiki - Explained

Reiki healing is beneficial to every animal, be they domestic or wild including dogs, cats, horses, llamas, birds, rabbits etc, etc! Animals are not able to express their fears or issues verbally so sometimes it is harder for them to deal with these and release these feelings.  This is where problems can occur on an emotional, physical, spiritual or mental basis.  Animals are very intuitive and Reiki is a way for them to release any negative energy or stress they might be feeling and to help them find peace and minimise suffering.  It works on a deep, natural level restoring natural balance and boosting the immune system.  It will also speed up the healing process for any physical ailments.


During a consultation I will watch the animal and its behaviour to see if it prefers hands-on or at a distance treatment.   The Reiki healing will have the same response whether hands-on, sent from across a room or remotely (at distance - which I can do via a photograph or video call).  Every animal responds and releases differently.  To begin with it may take the animal a while to get used to the new energy feeling.  Smaller animals ie cats and dogs may pace the room, sit near me or even lay on my lap, whilst horses and larger animals may pace around, stand still or stand very close to me.  I let them choose how they would like to receive the healing.  They usually begin to sense that this new energy is very peaceful and may start to release negative energy with symptons including scratching, twitching and yawning or even falling asleep. 


Following a treatment some might feel sleepy whilst others have reverted to playing like a six month old! They are all individuals and will all have a unique response.  I will ask the human to make sure their animal has plenty of water to drink to aid the releasing process and to notice any changes over the next few days.


Sometimes a single treatment is all that is needed whilst for others, 2 or 3 or a series may be required to completely heal the issue they are experiencing.


Please note that Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose or advise on veterinary treatments. Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine but can work wonderfully alongside it. A Veterinary Practitioner should be consulted for diagnosis prior to seeking Reiki for your animal.

Earth Light Reiki For Animals Workshops

I am excited to announce that in collaboration with Caroline Sharp of Ascending Angels we will be offering Animal Reiki Workshops including working with the herd and alpacas at Kent Equine Facilitated Learning in Horton Kirby. Level I is ideal for anyone wishing to learn Reiki to help their own pets whether they be cats, dogs, horses, alpacas, guinea pigs, mice, birds etc, etc - Reiki can help any animal - domestic or wild! 


We will also be exploring and practising animal communication to connect with our fur babies.


Attendees will need to have completed Level I Reiki for humans (Earth Light recommended but not essential).


There will follow a Level II Practitioner's Level for those wishing to work professionally as an Animal Reiki Practitioner. 


Please see the Workshops Tab for dates and further information.


Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Earn your living honestly

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Show gratitude to every living thing


Dr Mikao Usui



Deep relaxation


Balances both mind and body


Boosts the immune system


Can improve sleep 


Increases sense of well-being 


Aids recovery from injury, illness or surgery


Reduction in stress and anxiety

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