What is The Trust Technique?

The Trust Technique® is a very simple to learn mindfulness technique to share with your animals. It combines animal communication and animal healing to help pet owners and professionals connect on a deeper level with their animals and provide a space where they can truly communicate and listen to each other.


Animals and humans share feelings and react to each others feelings. Problems can arise when the human or animal reacts to the others stress or negative feelings. Through regular Trust Technique® sessions where a peaceful feeling is shared the animal begins to relax and release mental, emotional and physical stress. The relationship between the human and animal evolves to a deeper level as the animal realises it is the human who is bringing this peaceful feeling and through this trust and confidence is built between them.


The Trust Technique® can be used to help many different behavioural issues or just help you to have a more peaceful relationship with your animal. If you would like to be able to walk your dog peacefully, reduce separation anxiety, load a horse onto a horse box, deal with fear and anxiety for specific situations, to name just a few examples then The Trust Technique® can help you.


As a Trust Technique® Practitioner I will visit your home/stable/yard and show you step by step how to successfully carry out this technique with your animal and give you ongoing support, ensuring you are confident going forward.  We can then target specific behavioural issues you wish to address.


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