In view of the current situation concerning coronavirus all workshops and groups are cancelled until further notice.  Please email me if you would like notification when new dates are to be released on


If you are interested in booking a course or finding out more please email me on info@pathwaystohealing or phone for a detailed information sheet on each workshop or for booking details.  If there are no dates shown please contact me for course availability. 

Earth Light Reiki - Healing Share Group

I am excited to announce a new venture from the Earth Light Reiki Master Teachers for 2020.  We will be offering a reiki share from a different location so that you can meet other reiki students/practitioners and share experiences, ask questions and have some time for giving and receiving healing.  We will announce the next date and venue when we have been officially advised by the government that it is safe to meet up as groups again.

Earth Light Reiki - Level I Workshop

For anyone wishing to discover the wonderful world of Reiki this one day workshop introduces you to the energy of Earth Light Reiki covering the history of Reiki, Auras, Chakras and a personal attunement so that you can treat yourself, family and friends connecting to the Universal Life Force Healing Energy. Please see the dates below for the next available workshops and contact me to register your interest for the next available date if a course is fully booked:




9.30am - 2.30pm

Exchange for this workshop is £95


Earth Light Reiki - Level II Workshop

This Level II Workshop follows on from Level I where you will learn the reiki symbols, explore the sounds and language of Earth Light Reiki and develop your skills further. You will be able to be a professional Reiki Practitioner following completion of the case studies and follow up session. 




9.30am - 2.30pm

Exchange for this workshop is £145

Follow up one hour workshop is £50

Earth Light Reiki - Master Practitioner (Level III) Workshop

This two day workshop will attune you to the powerful energetic light codes of Reiki. These new light codes will awaken knowledge of the earth’s light energy, open new inner pathways to facilitate understanding and speaking the language and singing the sound of Reiki in its fullest capacity thus enabling greater transformation and healing possibilities, both for yourself and those you help. Suitable for those who have completed any variety of Reiki I & II (Earth Light Reiki recommended).


You will learn about different complementary healing modalities and will be taking a deeper look into yourself and your own healing, peeling back the layers to completely transform yourself.


Discover the Master Reiki symbol and it's uses.

You will receive powerful attunements that will assist you in integrating and understanding the Light Codes of Reiki.

You will be required to have completed 30 hours of case studies, 6 assignments and a following one-to-one private session to complete your Master Practitioner training and to receive your certificate after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a Master Practitioner (professional insurance required).


This course is facilitated by myself and Caroline Sharp of Ascending Angels.  Caroline is an Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher with over 16 year's experience and is a respected, well-known healer in Gillingham, Kent.



Sun & Mon 22/23 November 2020

10am - 4pm

Venue: Gillingham

(transport from Longfield is available)

Lunch and drinks included.

Exchange for this 2 day workshop is £345

Final one-to-one session is £50

Master Teacher Workshop

On completion of this Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher training (2 day workshop) you will be able to prepare, market and teach a Reiki workshop with your Reiki Master Teacher observing and supporting you.  You will write a report following this workshop and receive written feedback in order for you to receive your certificate of Master Teacher qualification.


To gain confidence in teaching you will be invited to attend our own Reiki workshops where you will be encouraged to observe and then lead certain parts of the workshop (this is not a requirement for completion of the Master Teacher course).


Our method of teaching is supportive and empowering for you as you are given time and experience so that you can develop your own teaching style, feeling confident and able to teach Reiki to others, as well as holding the space and encouraging your own students to grow.


This course is facilitated by myself and Caroline Sharp of Ascending Angels.  Caroline is an Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher with over 16 year's experience and is a respected, well-known healer in Gillingham, Kent.

Two Day Workshop Dates TBC

9.30am - 2.30pm

Venue: Gillingham

(transport from Longfield is available)

Please bring lunch and snacks.

Exchange for this 2 day workshop is £450


In collaboration with three Reiki Master Teachers, the amazing Caroline Sharp and Marisa of Ascending Angels and Dog Whisperer Karen Clarke of Clear Horizons these Reiki for Animal Workshops will be held at:


Funton Healing Centre, Funton, Lower Halstow ME9 7EG


(Transport is available from Longfield). 

Earth Light Reiki for Animals - Level I

This Workshop is suitable for anyone who has completed their Reiki I (for humans) Workshop where your Reiki abilities will be developed further so that you can confidently help your own pets, friends' & families' pets (with their permission) and even wild animals and birds.


Reiki can help animals to deal with so many different issues eg past memories of emotional trauma, bad treatment, abandonment, medical issues and separation anxiety to helping them recover from illness or surgery. In essence Reiki is a deep form of relaxation that reduces stress levels and may also bring you in much closer connection with your animal through this peaceful time you spend with them.


Dates TBC

10am - 4pm

(please bring lunch/snacks)

Exchange £105


Reiki Workshops
50.00 GBP

Non-refundable deposit to reserve your place at the next available workshop. Please email to confirm which course to be booked.


Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Earn your living honestly

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Show gratitude to every living thing


Dr Mikao Usui



Deep relaxation


Balances both mind and body


Boosts the immune system


Can improve sleep 


Increases sense of well-being 


Aids recovery from injury, illness or surgery


Reduction in stress and anxiety

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