Reiki Healing - What is it?

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is Universal Life Force Energy also known as ki (Japan), chi (China) and prana (India).  It was developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui in Japan. Healing energy is activated by intention and is always for the highest good of the receiver. Reiki helps on many levels - emotional, spiritual, mental and physical - releasing energy blockages thereby restoring the body and mind to a peaceful place.  


It can help with the following as just a few examples:


alleviate headaches/migraines

relieve anxiety/pain/fatigue

reduce insomnia/broken sleep

recovery after surgery/illness

promote wellbeing

reduce depression/increase feeling lighter in mood

stabilise mood swings

increase self confidence

reduce fearfulness

promote feelings of peace, calm and relaxtion



Having a Reiki treatment can be a very different experience for each individual.  For some it is merely a feeling of deep relaxation whilst for others there can be a more profound physical or emotional reaction.  Physical sensations such as warmth, coolness or tingling are not uncommon.


Treatments can be carried out either in person or at distance.  Initially you will be asked a few questions about yourself and I will then spend a few minutes explaining what may happen during the treatment.  I will then then ask you to either sit or lay in a position (fully clothed) in which you feel most comfortable.


I will be guided intuitively where to position my hands which may be from a few feet away (if I am to work with your auras) or a few inches from you or I may lay my hands upon you (with your permission of course).


I am also able to send Reiki to clients at a distance either by Skype or telephone.  I have sent Reiki all over the UK, to Spain and even Australia - my client couldn't believe that the treatment was so intense!  Distance is no object for Reiki!


Following the treatment you will have time to ask any questions or share any information about the session.   I will also recommend that you drink lots of water over the next few days which will aid the healing and clearing process.


I also offer extended Reiki treatments using singing bowls and Sabda Reiki tuning forks to enhance the healing energies. These can both be very powerful in their own right and are proving to be very popular with clients!


Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine and you should always consult a GP about any issues you may be experiencing.

Earth Light Reiki Workshops

If you are interested in Reiki and would like to know more about the different workshops (Level I, II, Master and Master Teacher) please refer to the Workshops page or contact me and I will email you the relevant information sheet. 


Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Earn your living honestly

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

Show gratitude to every living thing


Dr Mikao Usui



Deep relaxation


Balances both mind and body


Boosts the immune system


Can improve sleep 


Increases sense of well-being 


Aids recovery from injury, illness or surgery


Reduction in stress and anxiety

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